1951 West restaurant was my destination for lunch. It is located on the West side of Green Bay. The restaurant and bar lounge has a nice contemporary upscale decor. The main color theme throughout is black and tan with warm browns mixed in. As you enter, there is a short hallway and directly in front is a massive, beautiful, fresh floral arrangement on a table with the hostess stand behind it. To the right is their nice large cozy bar lounge area and to the left is a large dining area with many booths and tables. The hostess was friendly and brought me to the partial upper level of the restaurant that contained all booths but gives one a more private feel set apart from the slightly lower more open dining area.

My waitress came immediately and was very charming. She brought me a glass of ice water as soon as she greeted me. After some inquires on my part, I learned that their menu was revamped just last week. Since I have last dined there, a few years back, they have acquired a different Chef. He joined 1951 over a year ago. They have a nice assorted selection on their lunch menu and I noticed they still kept a few old-time favorite entrees. I decided on one of their new items; the Grilled Muffaletta Panini for $8.99. You have a choice of French fries, soup, or fruit salad as a side. I chose the cup of soup which was creamy potato and to drink I ordered a glass of fresh brewed ice tea for $1.25. The booths and tables were set with black linen table cloths with silverware. After taking my order she quickly brought me my ice tea, which was served in a tall glass with just enough ice.

My tea had a nice rich dark color, not watered down and the tea had a nice rich flavor. My server asked if I would like my soup served first or with my sandwich and I said I would prefer it first. She soon brought out my soup with a packet of saltine crackers on the side. My potato soup was luscious. It was made in house, not the frozen soups you so often receive. The soup was very smooth, thick and creamy with added bits of smoked ham and potato pieces. The smoked ham gave the soup a very savory flavor but not overly salty. My sandwich came soon after. It was a nice sized sandwich filled with a generous amount of ingredients. My Panini was nicely pressed on a rustic ciabatta bread with olive oil, then stuffed with 4 slices of cappiola ham, 2 slices of salami, 2 slices of pepperoni, 2 slices of mozzarella cheese and spread with a sun dried tomato aioli olive salad. My Panini tasted delicious; it was warm, nicely melted with a salty, mildly spicy added touch to it. 1951 West also has a large separate dining room on the other side of the building where they cater to large parties, weddings and various conferences.