Today I’m reviewing Kickass Cupcakes, a dessert themed cupcake food truck that delivers scrumptiousness on wheels.

Their main store is in Davis Square, but I prefer to buy my food from moving objects, so I stuck with the truck.

I visited the food truck admits a batch of freezing, nearly-snow-rain in March. You know, just another day in Boston. The cold was quite traumatic since I had just returned from a trip to Florida the day before.

I decided nothing would cure my sorrow like a tasty treat from a truck, which pulls up Wednesdays beside the Christian Science Center near where I work, as well as other locations in the Boston Back Bay area.

You’ll find nothing boring or ordinary about these bakery sweets. Kickass Cupcakes has some unique flavors and variety such as:

Mochiatto: Chocolate cupcake with caramel center and mocha frosting

Mojito: Rum cupcake with lime frosting and mint

Peanut Butter Cupcake: Peanut butter cupcake with chocolate chips and chocolate ganache and roasted peanuts

Red Velvet: Cocoa cupcake with cream cheese frosting

You’ll find vegan cupcakes, gluten free cupcakes, and even cupcakes for furry companions, so Fido doesn’t feel left out. They even have deep fried cupcakes for the brave souls among us.

Tasting the Red Velvet

I decided to go with the Red Velvet cupcake. I rushed the precious desert up to my office, determined to enjoy it in peace and comfort.

The cupcakes are somewhat petite, a great snack size, although a bit steep at $3 for such a small helping. Perhaps the price is fair for these all-natural delicacies, although I’d feel worlds better if they were just a bit cheaper.

I found the cake itself to be good, a bit dry though. Despite the less than amazing cake, the frosting pulled through, and then some.

I’m not much of a frosting gal. In fact, I’ll often wipe it off birthday cakes, finding it sickeningly sweet. But the cream cheese frosting on the red velvet cupcake was superb. Immediately I was drooling for more – thankfully they offer $1 frosting shots, to keep the party going.

Kickass Cupcakes gets 3 out of 5 forks

Sure, they were somewhat dry, and while a bigger size would have been nice, the huge variety of one-of-a-kind flavors and unforgettable frosting and fillings make this food truck a must for a late afternoon treat. Or breakfast. It’s all good, I’m not judging.