Many of us take our sight for granted. Some wear glasses, contacts, or even reading glasses to improve our vision. We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun on a bright day. But what can we do to save our vision every day?

Eating is a part of everyday life, so why not let it work wonders for your eyes. More often than not, the simplest of foods can provide the healthy nutrients that your eyes need and can help provide you with a great view for life.

Eyes of March

Carrots and sweet potatoes both contain the renowned beta-carotene vitamin. While they indeed make excellent snacks on their own, both of these vegetables can be added to just about any dish. Carrots can be found in any dish from salads to stew. And sweet potatoes can make for an excellent dessert dish or turned into some healthy snacks such as Sweet potatoes fries.

Never forget the importance of the greens: Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, and broccoli all contain vitamin C, which is well-known as a powerful antioxidant. Not only does it help protect your eyes, it also provides your immune system with an extra boost. Another green, made famous by the cartoon classic sailor, is spinach. This green leaf is full of not just one beneficial nutrient, but many. Lutein and zeaxanthin are abundant, and help provide protection for the macula tissue of the eye. These nutrients will act to internally protect the eye from blue light intensity, and increase the density of the macula tissue. This helps prevent premature tissue degeneration that results in later years or prolonged exposure to intense lighting. On top of these nutrients, spinach is also a great source of beta-carotene and vitamin C. All of these greens make for excellent additions to any meal, and even special dishes like spinach and artichoke dips for your upcoming event.

White meat substitutes that are good for your vision

The main course still needs some addressing, so why not try some healthy white-meat substitutes like ostrich and turkey. Both of these birds contain zinc, which is found in the healthy retina of your eye. Zinc is required for healthy macula tissue in the eye, and low levels are consistent with macular degeneration. These dishes can be served in almost any fashion to suit your needs, from sandwich to feast.

Another choice meal doesn’t come from the sky, it comes from the sea. Omega 3 rich foods such as salmon, krill, and sardines also provide excellent benefits for your eyes. The omega 3 helps protect the tiny blood vessels that are found deep within your eyes, keeping the nutrients and oxygen flowing properly into the tissues. Omega 3 nutrients also help maintain the rest of your cardiovascular system, such as your heart and blood vessels throughout your body. These fish make a tasty and healthy addition to any meal.

All of these sight-benefiting entrees can be easily prepared for any event. Why not discuss it with us here at Gomez Catering- we will be able to provide you with delicious dishes that have healthy benefits. Next time you’re planning an event, consider some of these choice additions that can help provide everyone with not only a delicious meal, but one that will help them see a little better.