One of the most enjoyed family meals today involves pasta, and when it comes right down to it very few dishes please the masses quite like pasta does. There are many different forms of pasta that most people can recognize when they see it, yet there are probably more pasta forms from history that people have never even seen. The fact is pasta is only limited by the die maker’s ambitions. When a pasta die maker starts a die for a pasta machine, they try to make a pasta noodle that will be easy to keep together and have an interesting shape at the same time. Knowing which type of pasta to give to your family is a matter of personal taste, but one thing is for sure, you know that the pasta will be enjoyed regardless of the shape.

Different Pasta For Different Dishes

When you are thinking about serving pasta to your family, you are going to want to know what type of dish you want to serve first. This may seem like an odd thought at first, but when you realize that each pasta has its own purpose for a specific dish you come to understand why it is so important to pay attention too. Long noodles such as spaghettis and linguini’s are primarily for red sauces that use tomatoes, and they can be used for dishes with red meat as well. Finer noodles such as the tube shaped pastas like penne, are more often then not used for sauces that are white, and can actually be used for many dishes due to its versatility.

Store Bought? Or Make Your Own?

When you are planning a family dinner that included pasta, you are going to need to decide if you want to use store bought pasta or if you wish to make your own. This is not really a tough choice for the old fashioned cook in the house, as they find it unacceptable to feed their family anything but fresh foods. This will include the pasta that they will roll and press themselves, as well as the vegetables that will be used for the sauce that will accompany the pasta. There are machines that you can use to make your own pasta, and how good you are at it will determine if you require a manual roller or a newer electric one. The differences may be slight to those that are not in the know, yet someone that has experience will notice the difference almost immediately.

Getting It Right

When you are going to serve your family a great family dinner, you are going to want to do things right. One of the best ways for you to do things well is for you to give them a fine Italian pasta dinner. With the fine pastas that are available, you will be able to get a fantastic meal together in no time and your family will love you for it. This is one of the most enjoyed meals of all time, and the Italians perfected a dish that will go down in history as one of the greats in culinary delight.