Have you ever heard of a company called Vitalicious? Let me tell you all, not just dieters, but those looking for nutritious snacks, Vitalicious has one for you!

Vitalicious sent me a variety pack to review and I was overwhelmed with their generosity. I did not know where to start and my husband and daughter were quick to choose something.

My first taste of their products was the VitaTops Fudge Peanut Butter Chip as seen above! These are made to be toasted but I couldn’t wait! I got ready to take a taste expecting it to taste like other diet foods that just taste like flavored sawdust! Boy were my thoughts wrong! After one bite I was hooked. The Chocolately flavor was really good along with the taste of peanut butter from the chips. I have been avoiding chocolate and I am a chocoholic and now I don’t have to! I also have to tell you these are not little small bite sized items but are BIG full sized chunks of flavor!

My husband immediately grabbed the Apple Crumb VitaTops and wouldn’t share those with me so they must have been good. I have tried many of the flavors and am in love with Vitalicious!

You may also have read about Vitalicious in the media as this article where Jennifer Hudson mentions her favorite Vitalicious snack, and you can go on their website and see her indulging!

Vitalicious snacks are 100 calories, 4-10 gms Fiber, 3-5 gms protein, low fat, trans-fat free, low sodium. no cholesterol, 15 Vitamins and Minerals! All Vitalicious snacks are Kosher and have no additives or preservatives. I had to immediately put mine in the freezer so they would last. Without freezing, because of the lack of preservatives they need to be refrigerated and will last 5 days. In the freezer they will retain their freshness for up to nine months!

I am in love with Vitalicious snacks and will be a new customer as soon as I finish up the wonderful sample pack they sent me. Not only are these tasty morsels low calorie, they are good for you. I love taking a frozen one in my purse and if I feel like a snack it is there and thawed! These really are the perfect snack, not only for me or my kids, but I would think they would be great for diabetics to snack on is well. If you see Vitalicious, I recommend that you try them and give them a chance. If you don’t like them let me know and I will give you my address to ship them to!