The best side dishes to serve with steak are ones that are simple, nutritious, low calorie, and still full of flavor. You want something great because you’re obviously trying to make a great tasting meal, but you also want it to work well with a steak, be full of flavor, and not be too complicated. These simple side dish ideas are all vegetables that can be steamed because steaming makes for a low calorie item (no added oils for cooking) and gives you a light, crisp, summer flavor that you don’t get with most other methods.

Steamed asparagus always goes over well, no matter how you serve it. You can have it plain, with some salt and butter, or steam with some slices of garlic, or for something a bit fancier, pour a hollandaise sauce over it.

If you’ve hated brussels sprouts in the past, it’s probably because you’ve had ones that are overcooked. Steamed brussels sprouts should be light and have a great nutty flavor, that goes well simply with a steak. Consider dipping them in melted butter if you’re looking for something more.

Green beans are a great choice. Again this could be done plain, steamed with some garlic, or mixed with some toasted almond slivers and thyme, or tossed with salsa. Any of these choices will give you very different tastes.

Steamed peppers, either in strips or diced, is great with a steak. For a shock of flavor, you can mix this up with some steamed corn, and possibly some edamame. This has a bit of a southwest flavor, and can be done alone, or with a little bit of butter, salt, and pepper, for a great simple side.

No matter what way you go here, you’re going to end up with a different flavor and suddenly your simple steak will be a southwestern meal, a comfort food, or something light, crisp, and summer feeling. All of this with little work, and few calories.