It can be hard sometimes to find food that is nutritious, affordable, and great-tasting. Most people think that accomplishing two of those goals means compromising the third, but that’s not true! Here are five quick, healthy recipes on a budget that you can start trying today…

1. White Chili

Most people probably don’t equate the words “health” and “chili,” but white chili is a delicious and healthy recipe for a tight budget. Instead of using ground beef or other fatty meats, get lean ground turkey. Combine that with white beans, spices like garlic and cumin, and some chicken broth and yogurt for the smooth, creamy base.

2. Easy Omelet

Many people believe eggs are unhealthy or too full of cholesterol, but free-range eggs are full of protein and health omega-3 fats. To make this easy, health recipe, start with a non-stick pan on medium-high heat. Once the pan is hot, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil, followed by three pre-beat eggs. Stir the eggs around until just before they start to set, place a lid on the pan, and turn the heat to low. After about 2 minutes, you’ll have the perfect omelet that will slide right out of the pan!

3. Delicious Pork Tenderloin

When you think pork, you usually think fat, but certain cuts like tenderloin are extremely lean and cost-effective! To make this perfect health recipe on a budget, start by salting the outside of the tenderloin. Then, cook it on all sides in a cast-iron pan in olive oil until the whole thing is golden-brown on the outside. To finish the cooking process, add a bit of chicken stock or water to the cast-iron for moisture, and place the whole thing in a 350-degree oven for 8-10 minutes. Serve with barbeque sauce or your favorite home-made sauce.

4. Greek Yogurt on the Cheap

Greek yogurt is protein-packed and full of healthy enzymes, but it tends to cost more than regular yogurt. To make your own for less, put a coffee filter over a metal strainer and dump your normal whole-milk yogurt into that! Place the strainer over a bowl to catch the drippings, and after about a day, the filter will be full of thick, Greek yogurt! To make it part of a great, healthy recipe, add nuts, granola, or fruit.

5. The Simplest Broccoli Soup

No, we’re not talking about cream of broccoli, just plain (but delicious!) broccoli soup. To make this healthy budget recipe, get broccoli that has a dark green color and no extra leaves or flowers coming off of it. Trim the bushy parts off, leaving the stems for another day, and put them into a pot of boiling, salted water. Once the broccoli is cooked through, add it to a blender along with about two cups of the now-green water. Blend, adjust the seasoning, and serve! It goes great with cheese and nuts.