It is time you learn more about Carbonated Water also known as sparkling water or Sodastream machine that actually makes carbonated water with all the flavors you want. This is the latest trends about beverages with its main objective to lower your costs on beverages and to help save the environment thanks to all the plastic bottles which with this system you do not throw away and rather re use again and again for more than 3 years.

Carbonated Water is a made in an Sodastream machine that implants CO2 in normal water making it sparkling, at the same time you can use different flavors which you can mix and later make your own flavored sparkling water to drink. The kit when you buy includes a carbonator which implants CO2 in water, the machine, some basic flavors which you later should buy more and two 1litres plastic bottles for storage. This bottles are usable for over 3 years this way you will not throw away plastic bottles every time you drink the beverage and save environment.

Why you save cash with this system? Because with one carbonator and usually 3 bottles of flavors you can make 60 lires of flavored sparkling water which saves you a lot of cash, imagine buying 60 litres of soda it will cost you more than 50$ but with this system you spend not more than 10$ for it.

Some people were asking if this system is healthy. A lot of researches have been done before this system came on the market which lead to positive results. There were speculations that carbonated water weakens your bones but some researches saw that if you drink carbonated water for over 2 months nothing will affect you, instead it will only improve your health!

With carbonated water flavors you can make your own sparkling water flavored and with mixing you can make some very unique tastes. One of the most popular ones are the,Candy Apple – green apple & cinnamon syrup, Caramel Cream- caramel & vanilla syrup, Cherry Blaster – cherry & black cherry syrup, Cherry Cola – cherry & cola syrup, Cherries & Cream – cherry & vanilla syrup and others.

I hope that helps you out finding your questions, remember your best machine is Sodastream for this purpose which is very cheap to buy and later on enjoy for years.