Quaich is traditional Scottish drinking cup that is generally shallow and features two handles on opposite sides. The cup was traditionally carved from wood, but today you will find the cups in solid silver and plated silver that gives them a shiny appealing look. The cup is also referred to as the Cup of Friendship or Love Cup and they make very good gifts at weddings, anniversaries and christening as a symbol of friendship, love, respect and sharing.

Traditional uses of the Quaich

This drinking cup has been used for centuries to offer welcoming drinks to guests. It was used largely to offer brandy or whisky during clan gatherings or family occasion or simply to welcome visitors and friends. Because the receiver had to hold both handles to drink, no weapons could manifest in such meetings.

Modern uses

The Quaich has found its place in modern events and is still used to welcome guests especially in Scottish homes. It is also a common gift at weddings and christening to show love and respect to the newlyweds and drink to the good health of a newborn.

Caring for the silver Quaich

The stylish, striking silver drinking cups available today can make amazing drinking cups, gifts or beautiful decorations strategically placed in your home. Whatever way you choose to use your drinking cup, you should learn how to care for the silver to keep your cup looking amazing and in good condition. The care requirements for solid silver Quaich and plated one is similar only that you need to be careful when polishing plated cups to keep the top silver coating in place.

Silver is prone to getting tarnished because of a number of elements including air. It reacts with hydrogen sulphide that is present in the air accumulating tarnish. Although it does not eat away on your silver like rust would, it robs your Quaich off its silvery beauty by sealing the surface. To prevent tarnish buildup, make a habit of cleaning and polishing your cup on a regular basis.

Use warm water and mild detergent to wash off any marks. The detergent should be phosphate free. You can then dry using a cotton cloth; allowing air drying will only leave spots on your cup as the water evaporated at the surface. Never wash the silver drinking cup in the dishwasher.

Avoid abrasive polishes when polishing your silver Quaich. Get a non-abrasive and soft silver cloth to polish and store it where it does no gather dirt, dust and grit otherwise you will rub this onto the silver surface next time you polish.

Buying your silver Quaich

Whether you are getting for personal use or as a gift to someone dear to you, you should make a good decision. The drinking cups come in a huge range of sizes and designs. Choose what you find the most ideal for the intended use. If you are getting it as a wedding gift, anniversary present or gift to welcome a new baby, you can consider having your wishes engraved on the cup to personalize it and make it even more special.