Many people around the world today love cakes. There are various forms and types of cakes that you would find being made in various parts of the world today. These differentiations are intended to suit the needs of a diverse market segment whose demand for cakes has been on an exponential rise in the recent couple of years. One of the most common types of cakes is the cup cake. A Cup cake? Probably you might want to ask.

Well, these are no different from the normal large size cakes that you see at birthdays and weddings. The only difference is that these kinds of cakes are baked in thin paper or aluminum cups. The cakes are still made with the same basic ingredients that are used in baking normal cakes. These ingredients include sugar, flour, eggs and butter. Once they are fully baked, the thin paper foil or cup is removed gently before they can be eaten. They are also referred to as “queen cakes” in most states around the world.

There is basically not much disparity between the mode of baking normal cakes and that which is used for cup cakes. If you need to use decorations, icing and sprinkles, you can still apply them to cup cakes. The only major difference that exists between cup cakes and the larger size cakes is that the cup cakes generally cook faster, thanks to their small size.

  1. Making cupcakes the right way – Cupcakes can be used in whichever occasion. There are diverse modes of cooking these kinds of cakes. If you want the best results, it is important for you to try, and to be versatile. Here are some easy steps that you can use so as to come up with the best cupcakes ever.
  2. Choose a recipe – There are plenty of recipes that you would come across on the internet today regarding how to best bake cupcakes. You can use a variety of flavors to achieve your final result. You can find a couple of recipes on the internet to help you in this case. In order to bake the cupcakes right, you need to pre-heat your oven for ten minutes or so.
  3. Choose the cupcake liners and pans – These cups and liners come in varied shapes and sizes. Whichever kind you choose to go with will depend on your own personal preferences. There are plenty of these liners and pans in the market today. Whichever you choose to go with will still serve the intended purpose.
  4. Bake your cupcakes – You would need to use a measuring cup to fill the liners with the mixture up to ½ of the liner. The rest has to be butter. This mode has been proved to translate to the best kinds of cupcakes. You need to however stick to the instructions that are provided in your chosen recipe so as to come up with the best results.
  5. Full the cupcakes – This step in most instances is optional. If you need your cupcakes to fill past the brim, you can add more mixture to the cooked ingredients. Most people love them plain and therefore would not strain themselves to fill up the liners and cups.
  6. Frost the cupcake – Frosting has to be done with much care. If the frosting had been refrigerated earlier, you need to allow it to come to room temperature before applying it. You need to use a spatula for this step so that you do not destroy the cakes.
  7. Decorations – The kind of decorations you would choose to apply on your cakes would depend on your own level of creativity and personal preferences. Use diverse means of decorations. If you are making these cakes for kids, using edible decorations is much more advisable. You can decorate the cakes using candy, icing, butter, sprinkles, sum paste and also butter cream.