A cleaned and bone-free cut or slice of the fish meat is a fish fillet. It’s easy to eat even for kids since the fillet is boneless and you don’t have to put effort in separating bones from the fish meat while eating. Furthermore, it’s a rich source of protein.

Fillets have a lot of demand in many countries across the world. There are numerous ways to prepare delicious fillet recipes all around the places. Fishes of the family of Yellow Fin Tuna are good for fillets. Here are the steps to prepare fillet dishes properly.

1. Get the readymade fillets if available easily at good cost. If you are going to buy readymade fillets, chances are you would spend some extra bucks on the market. So better buy normal fresh fish and debone at home if you know the whole process.

2. Wash and clean the fillets in clean water and take them in a pot.

3. Add salt, turmeric powder, required herbs, pepper powder and lemon juice in required quantity according to the recipe demands. Some recipes require you to marinate the fillets a few hours before cooking, whereas some recipes can be cooked immediately.

4. Add eggs in suitable amount if your dish needs egg flavor.

5. Now put the pan over the flame and put the appropriate amount of oil to it. When the oil gets heated put the fillets and wait for 5-7 minutes till the fillets get properly fried.

Well, these 5 steps are the basic steps you need to follow compulsorily before cooking any fillet recipe. Along with these, you can also add flour and corn powders to the marinated fillets for bringing more aromatic flavor to your recipe.

After frying, you can dip the fillets in dressings of egg yolk, vinegar, oil and other seasonings which makes it more delicious and aromatic to take with side items like vegetable fry, salads etc.

Cooking fillet in sauce

They are many people out there who prefer to eat fillets with sauce in restaurants or at home. The process of taking fillets in sauce requires mixing vinegar, sugar, water, soup stock and some corn starch in a separate bowl. Then heat it in low flame. Add sliced onions, ginger and bell peppers or canned pineapple. Now the sweet sour sauce is ready, pour the sauce in the fried fillet and cook it slowly in fire until fillets get soft. Don’t overcook.

Adding flour or cornstarch is optional, but cornstarch makes the fillets crispy. For extra taste and flavor you can also go for fried vegetables, ready-mix crumbs, pasta or salads. On a global scale, the demand for different fillet dishes is high. Restaurants are depending more and more on fish suppliers and fillet makers. Anyways, all fillet recipes are easy and yummy if the above basic steps are followed.