Managing your employees is one essential step in running a successful mobile coffee franchise. There are a set of procedures outlined by the United States Small Business Administration that define what guidelines to follow and how to do it. The following guide gives important lists on how to go about having legal and safe employees.

Before you even begin to think about hiring people for your vacancies, you should have an employee handbook. This will work as a guide for your company and for the people you hire. This handbook will outline the procedures and expectations you expect your employee to follow before they start working at your mobile coffee franchise. Even if you’re an easygoing business owner or want to have liberal work settings like Apple, it’s important that you are clear about rules in the guidebook. Sometimes, if you’re a new company owner who is fresh out of university, the writing can end up being too academic, so you want it to be as clear and easy to read as possible. This way, there is no confusion on your expectations.

Inside the employee handbook there are a few important documents that need to be included. If you do not have these things, you risk a failing mobile coffee franchise. If your company is unique and holds important client information then you must have a non-disclosure agreement. Sometimes a new employee will have access to very personal information about your business or clients and this document guarantees that they will not share any of this information. If they are just a part time worker, they also may be working for another business. For example if they are driving your van around and also working at Starbucks on the weekend, you want to make sure your guide clearly outlines any conflict of interest agreements. No trade secrets or recipes will ever fall into the wrong hands this way.

Your handbook must outline the ethics of your mobile coffee franchise. It is illegal to hire or fire someone because of their race, gender, age, or sex. The world has come a long way from being unfair to its employees, so you must make sure that your business does not discriminate. All companies must be considered an equal opportunity employer to be recognized in the United States, so your statements will clarify that you wont harass or unfairly treat your employees.

No one wants to hire an employee and have him or her leave within a few days. It’s a waste of your time and theirs. Before you hire someone to work at the mobile coffee franchise they must know compensation rates and work schedule a head of time. This section should include salary, overtime pay, the way time should be recorded, and vacation rules. Some companies have an absence policy, like three strikes and your out. You don’t want to surprise or offend any one who works for you, so always make sure to have this information clearly outlined in verbal and written agreements.