I heard Dave Asprey speaking on the Joe Rogan experience podcast a few months back talking about putting butter and coconut oil in coffee and calling it bulletproof coffee and since then he has popped up on quiet a few podcasts that I listen to so I decided to give it a go. The idea behind the beverage intermittent fasting in order to loose fat, the coffee contains caffeine which is a thermogenic which basically means that it turns up the temperature of your body and it needs fuel to do this and uses fats to do so. All fats are not created equal and some are better for you than others and there are even some fats, taken in the right amount will burn more fat! Butter is a good fat, it contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, the coconut oil contains MCT with is one of those fats that help burn fat. So the combination of 3 ingredients is the coffee which contains the caffeine is the fire, the butter which is the fuel and the coconut oil which is the primer. The intermittent fasting I always thought was not eating for a day or a couple of days, but its more to do with the space between your meals, so if your last meal at night is at 9pm and then you have regular breakfast (cereal, toast, carbs etc) at 8am then the gap between your meals was 11 hours. So if you change the normal breakfast for bulletproof coffee you now have your first meal at lunch time, and the gap between meals will be longer, up to 16 hours, this will enter you into ketosis which means that our bodies are using fat for energy instead of having to burn off the carbohydrate that we would get from a regular juice and cereal breakfast. What Dave Asprey claims is that all coffee is not equal and most coffee has a mold growing on it that is toxic and this is what give us the jittery buzz and the coffee crash associated with the drink. He had sourced his own coffee beans that did not have this mold and thus not give you the crash but only the cognitive advantages.

So here is my own experience on drinking bulletproof coffee for over a month on a daily basis. Firstly I have to say I only ever used coffee as a drug before training and never as a beverage as I am quiet sensitive to it and most of the time would make me wired and secondly I did not use Dave Asprey’s brand of coffee. I also ate breakfast of 3 whole eggs, a tomato, garlic and handful of spinach first. I found I was more cognitive and organised in the morning with out being jittery, I also lost fat and was not hungry for another 4 to 5 hours. I really like the way I feel on it and would recommend you give it a try. By the way it tastes great, that was something I really didn’t expect, but it is creamy and smooth. How I differ on how it works is I think its the high fat content that stops the wired feeling of the caffeine and not the brand of coffee, but having said that FDA food regulations in the US differ to Europe so just might be better grade in Europe. A way to really test this is just take caffeine pills one morning and then the next day take caffeine pills and some butter and coconut oil and see if there is a difference