Many items make great gifts on very specific occasions, but few have the “passe-partout” characteristic as you cannot go wrong with them whatever the occasion is.

On Valentine, the gift of choice is a red rose. However, a red rose is not a good choice for a gift on most other occasions. Moreover, a kitchen item is a good gift when you are visiting friends to congratulate them on their new home, but it is not an appropriate gift if you are invited for a casual dinner. On many occasions, it is difficult to find what the best gift would be. However, there are some items that can be used as universal gifts because they can be used almost in every occasion. Among these is a box of Mediterranean sweets or a box of chocolates.

Mediterranean Sweets

A box of Mediterranean sweets (assorted Baklava and Mamoul) is a great gift in most situations, whether you are invited for a lunch or dinner, or visiting friends for a casual gathering, or congratulating somebody on an achievement. Assorted Baklava and Mamoul provide a large collection of diverse Middle Eastern and Mediterranean sweets and pastries that satisfy most people. After all, everyone has a sweet tooth.

What makes an arrangement of Mediterranean sweets a great gift is that it consists of pieces of very different tastes that guarantee that you will find satisfaction no matter what you taste preference is.

Moreover, Mediterranean sweets are now available in local supermarkets around the world and its popularity has spread well beyond the borders of the Mediterranean countries. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern sweets can be easily ordered online as well.


A box of chocolate is also considered a universal gift as it is liked by most people and can be used virtually in all occasions. Since almost all people like chocolate, it is guaranteed to be well appreciated. Chocolate boxes are available almost everywhere, and you are usually sure to find a retailer on your way to the occasion to pick a box or two.

Chocolate makes a passe-partout gift because almost everyone likes chocolate. Whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate, whether you like plain or nut filled chocolate, you will find your choice in a diverse and well chosen chocolate arrangement.