Vegan chocolate cake, always, is a delicious dairy free way of alternative in the place of regular chocolate cake and also far tastier to the opinions of many. More and more, there are people who intend to look for something new for preparation. Baking any cake completely vegan is something like a great opportunity to be creative and making something a quite little different from all those usual standard cake fare.

The origin of the vegan cake is probably dated back to the World War II. During these periods there were food shortages and compelled food rationing. These are some of the recipes which were used just because the ingredients contained little or almost no milk or sugar or butter or even just the eggs. All those special ingredients are very rarely available to procure during the wartime. So the best recipe was to go vegan. These cakes were once known to be as war cakes or cakes of depression for these reasons.

It is not just only economical but also easily available kind of cake recipe. So what is that which makes it all quite entirely different from the standard ones is the interesting fact? This recipe for the vegan cake has everything you might need from a regular one without dairy and egg requirements. Instead of the eggs you are to use cocoa butter or carob, or the vegetarian gelatin or the arrowroot or the locust bean gum or else the agar or the Soya flour or the banana, or the potato flour or the xanthium gum or those specially made vegan egg replace. Especially for the people who need information on those vegan substitutes available for animal products, let us see this short list down under.

All those places where you will need to use the Butter or shortening you could try soy margarine. Similarly while instead of the dairy milk you could try use soy milk.

When it comes to the Sweetener, when you use the White sugar it may be bleached with animal derived ingredients. So it is better to try instead the sweet juices. The recent trend in the vegan chocolate cake kind of recipe is that it is not only just egg-free or dairy free but could also be made soy-free as well as nut-free.

So, if you want a fantastic vegan cake recipe to be made for your kids’ happy birthday party, or else you want to simplify into the lifestyle change without giving up the treats, just go vegan.